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Cant stop listening to this new Vance Joy Album Dream your life away <3

"The only people up at 3 am are in love, lonely, drunk, or all three."


Do you ever have that outfit you wear so often you think

"Yes, this is the outfit I’d be drawn in everyday if I was a cartoon"

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"Just remember, even your worst days only have twenty-four hours"
- 10 word story (via hiddeninstars)

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"People miss you more when they see how much happier you are without them."
- Unknown (via perfect)

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"He eats all the orange Sour Patch Kids
so that I can reach my hand in without looking
and not have to worry about getting an orange one
because I hate the orange ones."
- that’s what true love is (via qualityemo)

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Put a letter from A-Z in my ask and I’ll tell you 1 thing I love which starts with that letter.


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    Please fill my ask box to the brim!
    Tie me, Bite me: Name a kink.
    That's Naughty: Name something you would want to try in bed, but won't.
    That's Nice: Name something you want to try in bed and will.
    Self Torture: What do you like to masturbate to?
    Wine and Dine: Is it important to have a nice prelude before having relations?
    Sweet Kisses: Are you a good kisser?
    Tasty: Chocolate? Whipped cream? Do you use food with sex?
    Two's a crowd and three's a party!: Have you participated in a threesome? Any more than three? Would you be interested in inviting more people?
    Swinger: Ever traded partners before?
    BJ: Swallow or spit? What do you prefer?
    Porn Collection: Do you watch porn? Do you make your own porn?
    Vibrator: Use any toys? Have a favorite?
    Tempo: Sweet and slow or hard and fast?
    Secret Lover: Describe someone you lust after. No names!
    Washing Machine: Ever do it in a weird place before?
    Sheets: Are silk sheets sexy?
    Thong Song: Do you like sexy lingerie?
    Flavor: What's your orientation?
    Turn On: Name a turn on.
    Turn Off: Name a turn off.
    Frequency: How many times do you have relations in a week?
    Heart and Soul: Is love important when you have sex?
    Good Morning: Do you partake in morning sex?
    French Maid: Do you roleplay in bed?
    Mood: How do you create the mood? Favorite atmosphere?
    Takeout: Do you and your partner "eat out" often?
    Trouser Snake: Does size matter? Is it big?
    Meow: Shaved or natural?
    Gossip: Do you sleep and tell?
    First Time: Who was your first time with?
    Keep it Down!: Are you loud when you make love?